PTA membership FAQ

Why do we have PTA?

  • We want Jie Ming Academy to prosper.
  • We want our kids to thrive.
  • We want to build community within our parent group.
  • We want to continue building rapport with our administrative team.
  • We want to centralize our efforts to maximize efficiency.
  • We want to raise funds for our program, both passively and actively.
  • We would like a way to organize and solicit donations.
  • We want to provide enrichment opportunities/materials.

What is a PTA?

  • PTA stands for “Parent Teacher Association”
  • An advocacy group formed to promote education and family welfare
  • National leadership team as well state level leaders
  • MN PTA began in 1922
  • Local units “roll up” under the state organization to gain 501c3 status automatically

Who can attend PTA meetings?

Anybody can attend Jie Ming PTA meetings. They are open to the public. We have monthly meetings of our general membership. There are also regular committee meetings. Meeting dates and times are posted on our calendar.

What are the benefits of being a PTA member?

  • More likely to get timely information about upcoming news and events
  • Eligible to vote on PTA membership decisions
  • Connect with other parents who give of their time and resources to improve the Jie Ming school community

Is being a PTA member big commitment?

No more than you want it to be. Many hands make light work. Your time and energy is always appreciated regardless of whether you are an official PTA member.

How do I become a member?

Becoming a member is as simple as filling out a brief form with contact information and paying the $10 annual dues for your household. Become a member here.

What passive fundraisers do we have?

  • Box Tops for Education
  • Amazon Smile
  • Lands End "Preferred School" program

What active fundraisers do we have?

  • Give to the Max
  • Read-a-thon