Jie Ming PTA Newsletter

May 2020

Oh man. Have you seen what happened? No, not that. I mean, the RESILIENCE. Of course this is hard and unprecedented. Of course the hard and unprecedented happens. And of course we rise to the challenge.

Everyone is in this together, and separate, and together. Let's continue to support each other through this. Each of us needs time to love, to grow, to learn. Some of us have more difficulties than others. If you can give, please give. If you are in need, please reach out to your friends and neighbors and supporting organizations.

Leaders and members of our PTA are working through this in our own lives, and also trying to figure out how our PTA can best serve us at this time. Please stay connected (Konstella, Facebook, this webpage, and email) to get the best info as we have it. And as you have golden ideas, if the PTA can help make them happen, let us know at info@jiemingpta.org.

Be well,

Adam Jass, PTA President, president@jiemingpta.org

Questions / comments? Email us: info@jiemingpta.org

Want to help?

Go to Volunteer Needs to see a current list of needs.


Upcoming Events

  • 4/9 -- PTA Executive Board meeting (remote)
  • 4/16 -- PTA meeting (stay tuned!)
  • 4/24 -- Movie Night (stay tuned!)
  • 4/26 -- Meetup (stay tuned!)
  • 5/7 -- PTA Executive Board meeting (remote)
  • 5/14 -- PTA meeting (stay tuned!)
  • 5/15 -- Kindergarten roundup, STEAM Spring Carnival (stay tuned!)
  • 5/31 -- Meetup @ playground (stay tuned!)
  • 6/9 -- End of school performance (stay tuned!)

Do you want events on your Google or Outlook calendar? View/subscribe to digital calendars:

Next PTA Meeting

When: Thursday, May 14 from 6-7 pm

Where: Remote meeting only. Click here to add to your calendar. Click here to join the meeting at 6.

Our last PTA meeting of the year will be a virtual meeting, like last April. We will hear from Principal Johnson on the budget for next year, have time to discuss what the PTA will do next year, and hopefully have time for another wellness check :)

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Well this is tough...

Due to COVID-19, there's been a lot of hardship in the greater community, as well as in our smaller Jie Ming Community. Now is the time to pull together and support each other! In lieu of a Read-a-thon or Spring Carnival this year, here are 3 ways you can join other families and give back into this community and make us stronger:

1. Contact the room parent in your classroom to contribute towards buying gift cards for our teachers to show them we love them. Don’t have a room parent in your classroom? Sign up on Konstella to fill this important volunteer role! See the post further down on the newsletter for more details.

2. Buy gift cards for our gift card drive that will support Jie Ming families in need. See the next post down for more details!

3. Find a family-friendly volunteer opportunity in your own back yard, to help others who are being impacted by COVID-19. Check out Hands OnTwin Cities and Volunteer Match for some opportunities!

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Gift Card Drive to support Jie Ming Families

Jie Ming parent Laura Chen is working directly with Jie Ming's social worker Dena Wheeler to put on a gift card drive. Read below for details and please donate to the cause!

Dear Jie Ming community,

In these uncertain times, we would like to support Jie Ming families who may have financial difficulties due to Covid-19. We are organizing a Gift Card Drive. Donations will be given directly to families in need.

Are you able to donate? Thank you!

  • Please donate an electronic Walmart gift card for $20. Click here to purchase a Walmart gift card. Choose $20 under "Amount", "email" for Delivery method. Please email it to our school social worker, Dena Wheeler, at dena.wheeler@spps.org.

Are you in need of a gift card? We would like to help!

  • Please email Dena Wheeler at dena.wheeler@spps.org to let her know your family is in need of a gift card. All requests will be kept confidential.

Thank you and stay safe!

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Do you love your teacher?

The PTA is working on a nice gift for all our teachers and staff. And wouldn't it be magical for your classroom to work together to do a little more? We are encouraging all classrooms to organize and purchase something additional your teacher would love and use during this difficult time. Maybe a gift card to get some bubble tea or a nice meal?

In case you're wondering why the PTA isn't giving gift cards... it's because we legally can't give gifts of monetary value like that. But they would still be awesome, so we are asking for your help! Questions? Email us at info@jiemingpta.org. Otherwise, work with other parents in your classroom!

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Even more relevant: Parental Controls and Privacy on iPads

At the February PTA meeting, Jie Ming parent Jeremy Berg shared an enormous amount of information about iPad security and techniques we can all use to support our children's learning. Wow, looking back, it sure was timely information! I hope you're using this information as technology has become even more prevalent. Check it out at Parental Controls and Privacy on iPads. Thank you Jeremy!

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Welcome your 2020-2021 Jie Ming PTA Officers!

At our April virtual PTA general meeting, PTA members unanimously elected the following passionate people to serve as our 2020-2021 Jie Ming PTA Officers. Please join me in thanking them for stepping up!

  • President - Leah Young
  • Vice President - Christine Nesseth
  • Administrator - Michelle Mennicke
  • Treasurer - Renata Gilmore

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Munga Punga - summer fun and support the PTA!

We are so excited to partner with @munga_punga. Their Summer of Creativity program helps empower children through project-based learning.

This 6-week online program is flexible and FUN. And YOU get to choose your price.

Even better? 50% of each enrollment goes right back to support our school!

To support our school AND make this summer the best one yet, visit www.mungapunga.com/summer to learn more.

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What / Who is the PTA?

The Parent Teacher Association of Jie Ming is a community of passionate, involved parents and Jie Ming staff that want to make our school even better for our students. The PTA is involved and organizes many things throughout the year:

Events: Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Chinese New Year performance, Spring Carnival, Meet-ups, Movie Nights

Fundraisers: Fundraiser and Silent Auction, Read-A-Thon, Box Tops for Education


    • Classroom grants for materials that the school can't provide
    • Volunteer organizing
    • Tools for communication and collaboration including our Facebook group, Konstella, website, and regular meetings
    • Spirit Wear and branded items
    • Yearbook
    • Health and Wellness Initiatives
    • Zero-Waste school initiative
    • Promotion of our school

Most importantly, we provide places and opportunities for all families to engage with each other. This helps us work together to find and implement the best solutions for our kids. It takes all of us to make this possible. Thank you for your energy, time, and support!

Box Tops for Education

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way to earn cash for our school with purchases you already make - and now it's even easier with the online app! Go here for links: boxtops4education.com Then start scanning those receipts!

Reach out to Marsha Trainer, our Box Tops Coordinator at Jie Ming, with questions: marshatrainer@gmail.com

Drop off your physical BoxTops in the marked collection tub on a table in the main entry hallway.

Amazon shopper?

Up to 2% of all your purchases can go to Jie Ming PTA.

  1. Set Jie Ming Mandarin Academy as your charity for smile.amazon.com
  2. Whenever you shop on Amazon, type smile.amazon.com into the browser, and all your purchases will qualify!

Compostable Materials Available

Our school is working hard to be a Zero Waste school. As part of this initiative, our Zero Waste Committee is partnering with Macalester Plymouth United Church on the Compostable Everything program. The PTA provides these materials for free to teachers and for school events.

What does this mean for you? You can use this form to order compostable materials for your own events and use! More details are available on the Zero-Waste Materials page, or on the form.

Spirit Wear

Spirit wear can be purchased at PTA events and on the PTA website. On Fridays ONLY, Spirit wear can be worn in place of the school uniform. Youth and adult sizes available. Order Spirit Wear today

Get Connected, Stay Connected

Most Jie Ming families are on Konstella, using it to join groups and committees, create playdates, ask questions, and more. To join Jie Ming's Konstella site, click here

The PTA manages a closed parent group on Facebook that some parents use to share information with and pose questions to the larger Jie Ming parent community. Search for: Jie Míng Mandarin Immersion Academy and request to join.

The Jie Ming PTA website www.jiemingpta.org is a resource for parents. Think of it as the hub to connect you to everything else.

Being a PTA member is a simple way to show your support for the many parent volunteers that work hard to build a strong, vibrant school community. Become a member by clicking here today!