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PTA Meeting Recap April

Thank you to all who attended our first virtual PTA meeting in April (I counted 16)! Here's a quick recap:

  • We had 4 candidates for officer positions next year and they were elected unanimously. A big thanks for these 4 passionate people for stepping up and serving. Your PTA Officers for school year 2020-2021 are:
    • President - Leah Young
    • Vice President - Christine Nesseth
    • Administrator - Michelle Mennicke
    • Treasurer - Renata Gilmore
  • We heard from Principal Bobbie Johnson on how distance learning is progressing. One takeaway is that many parents have felt overwhelmed trying to help their children while they themselves do not know Chinese. Bobbie says, that is ok! You are not expected to know - your students' teachers are there for that, and they are working very hard to provide everything that your child needs. Please continue to be "project managers" for your children. That means you should make sure they do all the things on the teacher-provided checklists, ensure they are on time for their scheduled activities, and make sure they try their best.
  • We brainstormed ways to support our hard working teachers during this time. After the meeting, the Officers looked through the suggestions and our budget and are now working on a gift for our teachers. More details coming soon!

Want more info, but not able to attend the meetings? Feel free to email info@jiemingpta.org and we will hook you up with what you need!

Jie Ming PTA 2019-2020

We are excited to share another year of growth, learning, and excellence with you! The Jie Ming PTA is a passionate group of teachers, families, and community members that improves the experience of all of us at Jie Ming. Take a moment to get PTA-ready!

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Welcome to the PTA website for Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy. Jie Ming is a Saint Paul public school that offers K-5 mandarin immersion and a rigorous STEM based curriculum. The Jie Ming PTA is a non-profit organization comprised of Jie Ming parents, teachers, staff, and community members dedicated to supporting the educational mission of Jie Ming.