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PTA Meeting Recap

Thank you to all who came to the September PTA meeting! Here's a quick recap:

  • We got to know each other better through a fun get-to-know-you game of Four Corners.
  • We learned what the PTA is about and what it does for Jie Ming
  • We heard from Bobbie on the new challenges this year with 8 new teachers
  • 7 teachers joined us and introduced themselves. We asked what we can do as parents to help them. They said:
    • Make sure your read the weekly newsletters
    • Reinforce topics taught in class at home. Discuss the topics in English.
    • Make sure students get to school on time so they can have a good breakfast before class starts
    • They are looking for a classroom lead, or Room Parent, that they can reach out to when they need help. (If you can help, email your teacher, and sign up as a Lead in Konstella!)

Check out the slides from the last meeting below. Especially helpful if you are new to Jie Ming and aren't aware of what the PTA does!

PTA meeting 2019-09 Sept

Want more info, but not able to attend the meetings? Feel free to email info@jiemingpta.org and we will hook you up with what you need!

Check out the October Newsletter for more!

Welcome back to school!

We are excited to share another year of growth, learning, and excellence with you! The Jie Ming PTA is a passionate group of teachers, families, and community members that improves the experience of all of us at Jie Ming. Take a moment to get PTA-ready!

  • Sign up for our private social network, Konstella. (If you already did in the past, no need to do it again!).
    • Signing up for Konstella allows you to stay up to date with announcements and events, allows easy communication with other family members, and more.
  • Join the PTA! Even if you feel you don't have time to do more, becoming a member allows to you support what we do for all children.
  • Join our Facebook Group!
  • Check out the Calendar page for important dates, and to sync your calendars!

Welcome to the PTA website for Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy. Jie Ming is a Saint Paul public school that offers K-5 mandarin immersion and a rigorous STEM based curriculum. The Jie Ming PTA is a non-profit organization comprised of Jie Ming parents, teachers, staff, and community members dedicated to supporting the educational mission of Jie Ming.