Become a Volunteer

This page shows where you can fit in as a Jie Ming volunteer. Please check back frequently for the latest opportunities or email with thoughts and ideas. Thank you!

Current Opportunities

Lunchtime Volunteer

Please consider volunteering during Jie Ming lunchtime. Volunteers are needed everyday M-F.  Volunteering during the lunchtime is a great way to get a glimpse of daily life for your child and support the teachers, staff, and students at the same time. Volunteers can be parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, other guardians/caregivers. Below please find some details to help you get started.

*There is a critical need for volunteers during this hour when the younger students are in lunch. If you  cannot make it for the entire lunchtime, consider volunteering only for this critical hour.

Note: There is never too many volunteers so there is no need to sign-up.  If you want to add it to your calendar, you can copy it over from the calendar

Jie Ming Lunch Duty Volunteer 2023-2024 school year (1).docx

Room Parent

What is a Room Parent?

• Each Jie Ming classroom has one or two “room parents” that act as the liaison between the rest of the students’ parents and the Jie Ming community (PTA, teacher, or administrators)

• The room parent(s) will keep other parents up-to-date on classroom, school, and PTA news and events, and to help the families build connections

How do Room Parents make a difference?

• Room Parents facilitate questions, concerns, or ideas to support your child’s teacher or the classroom’s families

• An example of what a room parent might do to build community is a classroom directory or compile family tips and tricks to support language learning at home 

We are still looking for at least one room parent for all of the 5th grade classes, Zong Laoshi (1st), and Li, M Laoshi & You Laoshi (K).  We'd also love to get additional room parents for all the classes.

Fill out the Volunteer Survey  below to lead a specific committee or to get involved in planning an event - all levels of experience wanted!  

Join the Jie Ming family facebook group. This is a private group for parents and caregivers of Jie Ming students.