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Schools thrive when they have strong parent involvement and a supportive community that reinforces the daily classroom experience. The PTA looks for ways to strengthen the program and the community by helping parents find ways to support the school as volunteers and advocates.

Language and culture go hand in hand. While many of us are not Mandarin speakers, we can still participate in cultural celebrations that enrich our own life experience and demonstrate interest in the broader educational experience our children are receiving at Jie Ming. The PTA organizes and hosts events that bring the community together to share and learn about different aspects of Chinese culture. 

Hosting cultural events, creating a school library with both Chinese and English books, and showing appreciation for our teachers and administrators take financial resources. The PTA coordinates fundraising activities that are used to expand the opportunities available to our children.

Anyone can come to PTA meetings and volunteer with the PTA. That said, the membership is only $10 per person and allows you to vote on PTA decisions at meetings. 

Click Join PTA! below to become a voting member by paying membership dues. The annual dues are $10 per member.  Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have PTA?

What is a PTA?

Who can attend PTA meetings? 

Anybody can attend Jie Ming PTA meetings. They are open to the public. We have monthly meetings of our general membership. There are also regular committee and executive board meetings. Meeting dates and times are posted on our calendar

What are the benefits of being a PTA member? 

Is being a PTA member a big commitment? 

It's as much a commitment as you want it to be. Your time, energy, and ideas are always appreciated. 

How do I become a member?

Our bylaws require a membership fee, set at $10. If this makes you uncomfortable, please reach out to We will work this out no problem.

How have we raised funds in the past?