Volunteer Needs

This page shows current special needs and wants for volunteers. Either sign up directly on Konstella, or email info@jiemingpta.org and we will connect you!

Thank you for your service!

- Current Needs -

Classroom Grants Administrator

Classroom grants are funds teachers can apply for each year to support their classrooms. Often they are used for materials and experiences that enhance our children's learning, but are not funded by the school or district. Examples have been flash cards, book bags, and the Wawayaya Joyreader e-books. The administrator will follow a well-defined process to make this program run. Tasks include: communicating the program to teachers a couple times per year, reviewing requests as they come in, preparing voting forms for the PTA board to vote on fulfilling requests, keeping track of the money spent, and requesting reports on outcomes from the teachers. Contact Adam Jass at adam.jass@gmail.com if you're interested! This position has been filled by Adam for the past two years, but he will not be at Jie Ming in fall 2020 (his son will be at Highland!).


Looking for a webmaster to help Principal Johnson with updating the website.


Have a love for communications? Would love for someone to take our newsletters to the next level. Also if you want to help with general communication organization, email us at info@jiemingpta.org

Volunteer Coordinator

Many of our initiatives require gathering and successfully working with a large, diverse group of volunteers. Rather than have each event coordinator manage this while doing all the other things, a dedicated volunteer coordinator could provide an invaluable source of help on this specific aspect, and provide an even better level of service to our amazing volunteers.

Fulfilled Needs :)

  • Uniform Initiative helpers
  • Library helpers
  • Mid Autumn Moon Festival
  • Executive Board Members-at-Large
  • Silent Auction & Great Gathering committee members
  • Memberhub technology learners
  • Read-A-Thon Committee Members and Coordinators
  • Spring Carnival Committee Members and Coordinators
  • Zero-waste breakfast helpers