Zero-Waste School Initiative

Jie Ming is working to become a zero-waste school. Your events can be zero waste, too.

Compostable Everything

“Compostable Everything” is easy & the right thing to do for your family, school, community, and the planet.

Available items: plates, bowls, cups, utensils, napkins, and compostable plastic bags.

How to get compostable party supplies

  1. Options for placing your order
    1. Online Store (pay with credit card)
    2. Call Michael Stoick 651-263-8418 to arrange payment by cash or check
  2. Allow one week for delivery to school
  3. Pick up order from PTA room at Jie Ming

Call Michael Stoick with questions: 651-263-8418

Hosting a zero-waste event is easy

  • Get your supplies
  • Throw your party
  • Collect your organics in a compostable bag
  • Drop it off at the compost site closest to you.

Background Info

This program form helps Jie Ming move towards zero-waste by making it easy for teachers, parents, and staff to order compostable plates, cups and utensils for school activities.

Jie Ming and Macalester Plymouth United Church buy these products by the case and make them available for you to make your next meeting, picnic, or party zero-waste.

“Compostable Everything” is easy & the right thing to do for your family, school, community, and the planet.

The PTA provides these compostable products to teachers and school events for free! Just place an order (see form on the left). Parents can order compostable dishware from Jie Ming for the same or less than what it costs online or at Costco / Sam's Club while supporting Jie Ming's zero-waste school program and helping provide teachers with compostable products for school activities.

Once your order is filled you can pick the materials up from the PTA room or arrange to send your order home with your child.

Please try to order your compostable products at least a week in advance.

If you have any questions or need a last-minute order call or text Michael Stoick at 651-263-8418.

You can pay for your order by making a donation to the PTA by dropping a check off at the office made out to Jie Ming PTA or use the online payment option on Konstella, or the online order form found at

Additional donations help Jie Ming's PTA provide compostable products to teachers for school events and activities.

Once you have your compostable products, simply collect your used compostable dishware along with any food and napkins in the school's green organics bins or in a green compostable bag that you can order. Drop your green bag of compostable organics off at any Ramsey County Drop Off Location. Or in the school “Organics Only” dumpster.

Compostable Everything is a non-profit program of Macalester Plymouth United Church with the sole purpose of promoting the use of certified compostable products at parties and events away from home. Going zero-waste is a great way to become a sustainable part of the ecosystems in which we live.