Jie Ming Lunar New Year 

Thank you for attending the New Year's Performance this year! 
Stay tuned for updates on the video.  A notification will go out through our newsletter and we'll have a link posted here.

2024 Lunar New Year Performances

Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year,
falls on February 10, 2024, beginning the Year of the Dragon!  
This year's performances will be held on 

Friday, February 16, 2024

LNY 2024 Invitation

We would like all families to enjoy their students' performances. However, due to limited capacity in the auditorium, each student's performance will be limited to 3 guests. 

First Performance - 5:00 PM

Second Performance - 6:45 PM

Seating opens approximately 30 min prior to each show.  (May be adjusted for the second performance)

LNY 2024 Parent Letter

Don't forget your water bottles!

Tips to Help You Prepare for a Successful Evening:

Before You Arrive

✓  Bring your tickets.

✓  Make sure your child is hydrated! Pack a refillable water bottle and label with your child’s name.

✓  For 2nd performance students, make sure your child eats well before changing into costume.

✓  Bring a labeled backpack or bag to hold your child’s personal belongings (e.g., water bottle, snack, coat, etc.).

✓  Send along a book, game, or other quiet activity for your child and label with your child’s name.

✓  Students from several classrooms will change into costumes together in one room, so please make sure your child wears appropriate underlayers & clothing before arriving to the venue. See links on this page detailing costume and hairstyle specifications for your child’s class.

✓  We reuse costumes in future performances. Talk to your child about practicing good costume care. No eating, sliding, climbing, or roughhousing while wearing them.

When You Arrive

✓  Be on time to the performance venue to help your child change into costume and take photos. Allow yourself 10 minutes to find parking.

✓  Help your child change (2nd performance) into costume and organize any personal belongings (e.g., jacket, clothes, etc.) in a labeled backpack.  As the rooms are crowded, please leave the room (unless you are a classroom helper) after your child has changed.

✓  No photography allowed in the changing rooms.

✓  Enjoy snacks courtesy of the PTA in the Field House between shows.

Seats are limited and we want to welcome and accommodate everyone who wants one, so please observe a few requests:

✓ For the safety of our performers and general enjoyment of the audience, no flash photography or video recording will be allowed during the performances.

✓ A free, professional-grade video  of the entire performance will be shared with our Jie Ming community after the show.

After the Performance

✓  Students will return to their designated classroom after their class performs to change out of their costumes and stay with their teacher. If you can help students change out of their costumes, please sign up to do so. Volunteers should meet the class after they perform outside the auditorium on the left side.

✓  You must promptly pick up your child at the designated classroom at the end of the performance. Students will not be released early. Only your child’s teacher will be allowed to dismiss your child to your care.

✓  Students and teachers have been preparing for months. Celebrate their hard work, enjoy the show, and engage with other families!

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out directly to your teacher or room parent.

Map and Information Sheet
for Performance Day 

Highland Park HS Main Floor Map - 2024 CNY-LNY


The entrance to the auditorium area is on the west side of the school off of Edgcumbe Rd. The main school parking lot tends to fill up, so please allow 10-15 minutes to find parking. This will give you time to help your child change into costume and take photos. There is no parking at the  Edgcumbe Presbyterian Church just west of the school parking lot (see map below)

Please respect parking restrictions.  Note that parking is not allowed on the south side of Montreal Ave. 

Please note: do not arrive prior to 3:30 PM as the high school parking lot will be crowded with high school students leaving the campus.

2024 Lunar New Year Invitation Back

How to Prepare Your Child for a Smooth Costume Change:

All students will be changing in a general area with no gender distinctions. Therefore, please make sure to dress your child appropriately for quick costume change. Click on the links for details: NOTE: Some of the following are not finalized.  Please watch for emails from your teacher for recommended hairstyles for long hair and specific shoe requests.